5 Body Positive Instagrammers We Love

5 Body Positive Instagrammers We Love

Let’s talk about the crazy world of Instagram and body image. It’s easy to get sucked into the lives of Instagrammers who appear to have the perfect body and style, a gorgeous home, kids who are always bathed and chef quality dinners.

That is NOT reality.

Instagram is curated.

You’re only shown what they want you to see and it’s easy to compare your own life with these beautiful pictures. However, there are some Instagrammers that keep it real. They talk openly about body positivity and they celebrate it! We’re sharing 5 amazing Instagrammers who promote body positivity that will make you feel great, inspired and empowered.

1. Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a very well-known photographer, inspiring business podcaster, digital marketing guru and all around amazing woman. You will find tasteful and REAL photos of Jenna in her latest Aerie bathing suit. She also shares open and candid conversations about her struggle with infertility. Spoiler alert: she’s pregnant!

Follow Jenna to read insightful captions from a girl with the brightest smile we have ever seen.

I can’t believe it: WE ARE PREGNANT! ?? After 2.5 years of struggle, loss, fear, faith, and hope, we are finally able to share the news that our double rainbow baby will arrive early December! ?? While we are absolutely thankful and thrilled for this answered prayer, we want to acknowledge those who are struggling in their journey towards starting their family. We know your pain, we see you, and we hope that our news provides hope that there is more to your story, too. ✨ Our journey is taking a turn, one we’ve prayed over for years and we promise to take you on it. Thank you for all of the love, support, encouragement and prayers as @kickingitwithkutch and I let you in every step of the way. ?? Since we know life isn’t all highlight reels, we wanted to share the FULL story (never before told) of our journey to this point, so hit the link in my bio to watch a video that makes me laugh, cry, and feel beyond blessed. God is good. ✨ #babykutch Photo by: @whitleymcdonald

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2. Happily Hafsa

Hafsa is a Chicago based mom & food blogger who hosts weekly Instagram live sessions where she shares her most vulnerable moments with her followers and invites us to join her conversation. After being “fat-shamed” by a family member she talked about her struggle with her own body-image and spearheaded a “salad a day” challenge.

As a hijab wearing Pakistani Muslim woman, Hafsa also talks about modest styling & beauty tips. She recently partnered with the plus-size brand Torrid, which was great to see some diversity on their feed!

“Mama, are you fat?” my son asked me the other day. . I have been called fat multiple times in my life. It hurts every time but this one was an emotional whammy. . . Trying to stay very calm, I asked him why he thought I was fat. And his answer broke my heart. He told me, I heard you talking on the phone and you said, “I feel so fat these days.” . . Our children hear and absorb everything that we say and do. The language we use around them describing them, ourselves and the world around us becomes their internal dialogue. . . It is so important for our little boys and our girls that we change the conversation around weight. We need to make sure that we are teaching them positive body love, the concept of health over attractiveness and just general awareness around body shapes and types. If we continue perpetuating the language and stereotypes that we grew up hearing, our children will continue to suffer the brunt of societal expectations and skewed definitions of what counts as “beautiful.” Check out one of my earliest blog on the topic of being Fat Obsessed (linked in bio). . . I told my son- “I used the wrong word. I meant to say I have been very unhealthy lately and I’m going to work on fixing that.” We had a conversation about what are healthy things I can do and he went off to watch TV. . . And I, I was left wondering how this motherhood thing gets harder every day. . . Can you or someone you know relate to this? Tag a fellow mama below and let’s start a conversation about how we can teach positive body image and self love to our little ones ? . . #positivebodyimage #teachthemyoung #chicagomom #plussizemommy #boymomlife

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3. Zinteta

Cinta Tort Catró is a 21-year-old artist from Barcelona who took Instagram by storm when her artwork highlighting women’s so called “flaws” went viral. Zinteta created art featuring stretch marks as bold and colourful masterpieces. She told POPSUGAR in an interview, “Over the years, and after internal reflection, I saw that if I did not accept anything [about] my body — hair, stretch marks — I could never love or accept me.”

Her bold statement about self-love is clearly displayed in her Instagram feed showcasing her creativity and passion for feminism and body positivity.

Zinteta #stretchmarks project ?

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4. Girl with Curves

Tanesha Awasthi gets straight to the point. Her blog is all about style, beauty, and inspiration for the modern girl with curves. What’s not to love about that? She started Girl with Curves to show curvy women they don’t have to follow the fashion rules, they can wear what they love!

Her blog has recently angled towards the motherhood theme since her daughter, Madina, was born on Christmas Eve 2017. Her sense of style and great personality make her a must follow on our list of influential Instagrammers who promote body positivity.

Every day should be #nationalstripesday! Remember friends: you CAN wear stripes at any size (horizontal stripes included!) and look amazing! Scroll to see some of my fave stripe looks for proof ? #stripes (PS – all of the clothing you see is super old and sold out, but I’ve linked to some similar items, including shoes, as well as my fave strapless bras, the accessories I’m wearing – the link is in my profile or http://liketk.it/2vd29 #liketkit @liketoknow.it) . . #girlwithcurves #curvystyle #curvyblogger #curvyfashion #taneshaawasthi #stripers #ootd #whatiwore #styleblogger #outfitinspo #outfitideas #style #fashion #fashiondiaries #igfashion #psfashion #psstyle #bopo #bodypositive #bodyconfidence #styletips #sanfranciscoblogger

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5. Jessamyn Stanley

This North Carolina based yoga instructor is known for her body positive advocacy and inspirational writing. She describes her classes as a body positive approach to yoga which celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?” when practicing yoga. Where do we sign up?

Her book, Every Body Yoga, breaks all the stereotypes and inspires readers to transcend these emotional and physical barriers and try yoga! Take 5 minutes to browse her Instagram feed, you will see what we mean. She’s the definition of an empowered woman.

We can learn so much from each other by sharing our stories. We are grateful that these 5 inspiring body positive Instagrammers have shared their truth with us so we can learn to love ourselves more. Keep reading with our post on mom body confidence and how to talk about it.

Melissa Dessaulles

Melissa is a pelvic health physiotherapist at Wave Physiotherapy in Kelowna, BC. She is an active mom of 2 young kids. Her own experiences with post partum recovery have made her passionate about helping other moms.

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