Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

Here’s what you will do inside the program

  • PPregnancy:
  • P -Module 1: The core & pelvic floor
  • P -Module 2: Support belts & pelvic pain
  • P -Module 3: Exercise
  • P -Module 4: Mental birth prep
  • P -Module 5: Physical birth prep
  • P -Module 6: Postpartum planning

This Pregnancy & Birth Preparation course includes six in depth modules that help you navigate through all the things that your body goes through as it grows during pregnancy.

Each module has a video demonstration of someone who is pregnant to demonstrate the activities and help you connect the dots.

I talk about common things in pregnancy that can make you anxious, and help get rid of some of the fear surrounding these issues.?

We will discuss everything from the core and your pelvic floor to exercise during pregnancy. I also cover how to prepare for birth, whether it be vaginal or c-section.

What You Will Learn About:

-How to connect with your core and pelvic floor without overthinking it
-Addressing pelvic pain with simple exercises and strategies
-How to be confident with exercise during pregnancy
-Applying the exercise guidelines to yourself
-Ways to prepare mentally for birth including examples from previous clients who have had the birth of their dreams
-Should I invest in a pregnancy or postpartum support belt/band?
-Pelvic floor meditation for birth and ?Let it go? meditation for stress and anxiety
-Learn different ways to push that favour pelvic floor relaxation
-Feel ready for any birth position
-Learn strategies to minimize tearing

Pregnancy Birth Preparation

Can You Answer ‘Yes’ To Any Of The Following:

?Feel overwhelmed and nervous about all of the information out there that leaves you feeling like you aren?t doing enough?

-Have heard moms before you talk about symptoms you don?t want to have?

-Want to feel prepared and excited for birth?

-Want to feel strong & confident throughout pregnancy?

Than You’re In The Right Place!

Happy Clients


"After having a c-section I was feeling apprehensive about returning to some of the activities I loved like running, hiking, and xc skiing. After finishing the program and having a check in with Melissa I felt empowered to trust my body again?


"I practiced what we worked on. When I started having more frequent and painful contractions, he was still sitting really hight so I really tried focusing on relaxing which I think helped him come down. When it came time to push, I actively kept relaxing and envisioning everything opening up. I really think it all helped ? so thank you"


"This course provides the clear guidance that every woman needs postpartum. I found it especially helpful in the first 6 weeks when sent home to rest and recover on my own with no real instruction. The manageable weekly exercises made me proactive with my recovery and setting me up for future success."


"I started online appointments with Mel 9 days postpartum and I would highly recommend to every woman. My labour was long and ended in emergency c-section which was very traumatic for me. The online appointments have been essential for my recovery. I have felt so supported with very simple things to work on that gave me confidence to move again.?


"I love to be active. After pregnancy, I was really unsure what I should and shouldn?t do. Since working with Melissa, I have been feeling better and stronger each day?


?My journey to fix my diastasis hasn?t been about looking better in my clothes. It?s been about feeling strong again?



1. ?I don?t feel I have much spare time. How much time do I need to devote to this every day? ?

-I get it!? I have been there. The pregnancy modules are designed to work through at your own pace so you can consume the content in your own time. The postpartum modules are designed to go through week by week and to require very little time in your day between 5-15 minutes. The focus is on incorporating the strategies into the daily movements you are already doing.


2. ?I can?t afford to pay for this?

-We all prioritize our spending differently. If you are thinking of purchasing this program I encourage you to consider that you can?t put a price tag on your short term and long term health. If I was to go through this content in the form of 1:1 sessions with someone, it would take between 10-15 sessions at a cost of roughly $900-$1400.?


3. ?How can you possibly know my needs when you can?t assess me?

-I understand that it?s hard to imagine that an online program address all women whether they have symptoms of leaking, prolapse, diastasis, back pain, core weakness, tailbone pain etc. We are all unique with respect to our body, our birth and our goals. However, consider that after a knee replacement surgery, that even though each person is unique, they all start with the same exercises before they are progressed individually.?

Appreciate that during pregnancy, we all grow in a similar way and the pelvic floor and core muscles go through a significant stretch. The muscles most affected during pregnancy and birth are a team of muscles that provide us with core strength but also manage our intimate bodily functions. All postpartum women can benefit from rehabilitating the muscles involved in pregnancy and birth in order to address the unique symptoms they may be experiencing. I encourage my clients to apply this information and then see a therapist for assessment and individualization.?


4. When do I start?

Start during pregnancy as soon as you are ready, it is never too early or late. You will flow right into the postpartum recovery program as soon as you have your baby. If you are starting with the postpartum program, I also suggest you start as soon as you are ready. The guidance and exercises are very gentle and safe and are not meant to go against any advice you have been given by your care provider.?


5. How long do I have access?

You will have access to the program for one year.? This gives you enough time to work through the program and have the opportunity to review any of the content you would like.





Buy with confidence, we have a 100% refund policy.? If you have watched the first 2 modules and are not completely satisfied then email with what we can improve on and then we will refund you your investment. ?