Disconnected from Your Vagina after Delivery?

Disconnected from your vagina? Maybe it’s just the headline that caught your attention or maybe you know what I’m talking about because it’s you! When you’re told to do a kegel or relax your pelvic floor, do you know what to do? Many women describe:

“I have no idea where my pelvic floor is.”

“It feels like a dead zone down there.”

“The top and bottom half of my body don’t feel connected.”

Have you seen my pelvic floor?

In some ways, it’s no surprise that you don’t know where your pelvic floor is or how to move it. It’s a group of muscles that does its job without us having to think about it. It’s part of a reflexive system that makes up our core. However, you should also be able to make these muscles contract or relax with your control.

Some women, after pregnancy and delivery have difficulty connecting with this area of the body. It’s as if the brain has deemed the area a “bad zone” and doesn’t give it much attention. Even thought child birth is a beautiful miracle, it pushes a women to her extremes physically and emotionally. For some, this is magnified by very long deliveries, complications, PTSD, the list goes on. The focus after this, is on your baby and all the more reason for the brain to not give the pelvic floor muscles the attention they deserve.

As time goes on, women don’t always forget the traumatic side of delivery and also experience lingering symptoms of incontinence, prolapse, pain, all of which contribute to the feeling of “it’s just not the same anymore”. 

Clinically, I see the effects of this disconnect on the function of the pelvic floor. Since this group of muscles is meant to do its job to keep you from leaking, help support your organs, stabilize your spine and pelvis and keep intercourse comfortable all without you thinking about them, you can imagine that your brain wants to remember them!

Your vagina is more beautiful than you think

I love this video. It reminds us that this is a beautiful part of the body. It does so many things for us. Love it, appreciate it, and give it attention.

Sometimes it’s a matter of reminding a part of our body what it’s supposed to do. Check out our From the Inside Out program geared towards just this!

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