How to Rock Your Mom Bod in a Bikini

How to Rock Your Mom Bod in a Bikini

Want to look great in a bikini this summer? We can help! This isn’t about finding the right swimsuit to hide your self-proclaimed flaws. We tricked you, didn’t we? It’s about being comfortable in your own skin – it’s about learning to rock your mom bod.

Postpartum body changes

At some point, usually post-baby, our metabolism slows down, our skin becomes stretchier, the cellulite becomes more obvious – it happens to all of us. In fact, we’re so passionate about body changes postpartum, our whole business is based on it! When this happens, we’re usually scrambling to find a wardrobe that fits our ever-changing bodies. How many of you have a wardrobe for pre-baby, maternity and postpartum, for every season?! Our bodies change a lot during our child-bearing years and it’s hard for our body-confidence to keep up!

You can’t buy body confidence

Summer is here which means it’s bikini season, right? You can spend all the time in the world shopping for the right suit that doesn’t squeeze your love handles and hides your belly. But what if we were just ok with how we look in a swimsuit? Buy the suit that you love and makes you feel sexy, beautiful and confident! Body confidence doesn’t happen overnight. Let’s celebrate every form a mother comes in. Feeling confident in your bikini will mean more fun with your littles and less time feeling uncomfortable. More time in the water with them and perhaps more time just floating on the lake with an iced cider in hand.

You are beautiful

This is just a small reminder to tell you that you are beautiful exactly the way you are. As a mother, your body has done some incredible things. It has formed, grown, shifted and changed to make room for a new human being. It may not have bounced back exactly how it was before but if you look at the mama next to you, she feels the exact same way! You’re never alone in this crazy journey we call motherhood. Chances are someone else is experiencing the exact same thing as you.

We came across a funny blog post via Mom Cafe on “8 reasons why moms absolutely cannot wear bikinis. If you love a little sarcasm and a lot of sass, read this body-positive article written just for you! Rock your mom bod in that bikini – we’ll see you at the beach!

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Melissa Dessaulles

Melissa is a pelvic health physiotherapist at Wave Physiotherapy in Kelowna, BC. She is an active mom of 2 young kids. Her own experiences with post partum recovery have made her passionate about helping other moms.

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