You have heard how common it is for women to experience adverse postpartum symptoms. The recommendations are that we nurture but also rehabilitate our pelvic floor after baby. What can you do about it?

After baby, it is important for all moms to build a foundation.

Do we give our bodies the love and respect that it craves after delivery?

Pregnancy and delivery result in drastic changes to the body but we receive little information and guidance to facilitate postpartum recovery.    The lack of shared knowledge and guidance in combination with the desire to get back to regular activities and exercise can magnify common postpartum symptoms such as: 

    • Abdominal separation
    • Something feels like its falling out of your vagina (pelvic organ prolapse)
    • Vaginal pressure/heaviness
    • Leaking
    • Weak core muscles
      • Low back pain/SI joint pain
    • Painful intercourse

It doesn’t need to be that way!

There are measures you can take in the early healing phase that promote healing and recovery of your pelvic floor and core muscles. By combining a better understanding of your postpartum body with safe exercise, you can decrease the chance of experiencing these symptoms. 

Hi Mama! I’m Melissa

I am the founder of MommyBerries & a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist. 

I, myself experienced scary postpartum symptoms and felt alone in process without any information or guidance. As an active person, I tried pushing through my symptoms which only made things worse. Next, I tried resting by stopping all activity to see if I just needed time, but my mental health suffered. I eventually discovered it was a matter of finding how to give my pelvic floor and core what they needed in the early healing phase so that I could transition back to my favourite activities. Now as a pelvic health physical therapist, I get it! I understand how you feel and what you are looking for. 

The Program

What you need to know to know is here! Be an active participant in your recovery and start from The Inside Out

  • Understand the changes your body has been through
  • Reconnect with your pelvic floor and core
  • Learn how to use your pelvic floor and core in everyday movement
  • weekly emails to keep you motivated and provide you with ‘need to know’ information about your body
  • Gain knowledge about topics like c section scar management and perineal healing
  • Be an active participant in your recovery
  • You are not alone in your postpartum journey. Connect with other moms and myself, we are in this together!
  • Cost effective and accessible from your computer or phone

What Our Clients Say…

“Mommy Berries has helped get me back on the road to full time training well before I thought I would be back. I give credit to the program and its accessibility for getting me back to form. Each exercise has a reason, an explanation, and the best part is that it is follow along from the comfort of your home. The importance of the pelvic floor has never been so real for me and I took it for granted before having a baby. With help from Melissa and this program, I feel I am getting back to my pre-baby strength again”

Melissa Bishop

Windsor, Canada

Two-time Canadian Olympian 800m
World Silver Medalist

“Throughout the program I noticed my leaking reduce until it stopped, and then one day realized that I also wasn’t uncomfortable when walking/sitting anymore either. Now I feel great when I am exercising, but am still reminded that I need to approach rebuilding my core with patience; I am slowly working on that safely.”


Kelowna, Canada

“The highly effective, evidence-based, professional online post-natal program allowed me to progressively build my body back to where it could handle the load and intensity of running without any complications that are so common with post-partum moms. I highly recommend the program to pre and post natal moms who value healthy and active living and want to be guided by a highly trained pelvic floor physiotherapist.”


Kelowna, Canada

2004 Canadian Olympian
Professional runner/long distance triathlete

“I think the program is great! You guys explain things so well and use language and examples the average person will understand. I had no idea I had abdominal separation until I watch the video you shared about the box and the wrapping paper. I’m so glad I have the program to help me fund ways to help it. I just thought my c-section caused my abs to sit funny. I’ve been really working on my posture and the kegels ( now I know how to do then properly). It really is a great program!!”


Kamloops, Canada

“I was searching for help as I used to be very active but did not want to do something to aggravate my symptoms. I started following Melissa on Instagram and found the MommyBerries program. The program itself has helped me gain confidence while increasing my activity safely. The support I have received during the program has been priceless. Melissa and the MommyBerries community helped support me both physically and mentally during this difficult time in my life. ”


Regina, Canada

“I have recently started the program and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner. I already notice my core feeling stronger and less like “a black hole”. I can tell my pelvic floor muscles are remembering their role again because when I sneeze, they are starting to activate without me thinking about it. I am really grateful for the explanations you give about the postpartum body which is information that that should be given to everyone postpartum. “


Bassano del Grappa, Italy

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